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Household chores can actually be fun


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Cleaning Fun is a tool aimed at parents who want to educate their children about house chores. You can use it to get kids to see that these tasks can also be fun, and not as boring or tiring as they might think. You can also teach them that each person in the house has certain responsibilities to fulfill, and that they just require a few easy steps.

The game stars a panda bear in his little house. The colorful interface makes it appealing for kids, so they won't get bored of learning. The bear has to clean his house by performing four different activities: showering, doing the laundry, ironing, and cooking. Each of these activities includes a short tutorial so kids can learn by themselves, without an adult having to supervise them.

Kids don't need to follow a special order in the game, but if you want them to know how things work in real life, show them that they should first do the laundry and then iron the clothes, and not the other way around. In any case, since the important thing is that they know how to perform each activity, you can still let them figure it out by themselves and do it in any order.

Thanks to Cleaning Fun your kids can learn to distinguish between different cleaning products, like shampoo and body wash or detergent and softener; and understand why white and color clothes should be washed separately. Teach your kids day-to-day chores and let them figure the game out by themselves.

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