Cleaning Fun

9.21.1000 for iPhone

Because doing chores at home doesn't have to be boring


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Cleaning Fun is a tool designed for parents who want to teach their kids about household chores. With it, you can help them realize that chores aren't as boring or difficult as they may seem, and that everyone in the house has certain obligations to fulfill by following some basic steps.

The game's main character is a panda bear in her little house. The colorful interface will play to your advantage, keeping your children interested in learning. The little bear has to tidy up her house by doing four different chores: taking a shower, loading the washing machine, ironing her clothes, and preparing her food. Each of these activities includes a short tutorial so your kids can teach themselves without requiring adult supervision.

To start, the kids don't need to play the game in any order. But if you want to teach them step-by-step how things work in the real world, explain to them that you should wash your clothes in the washing machine before ironing them, and not the other way around, for example. But since it's more important that they're able to connect the machine by themselves or use the iron without having problems, you could also just let them practice their favorite chore regardless of the order.

Thanks to Cleaning Fun, they'll learn how to tell between different cleaning and personal hygiene products, like detergent and softener or shampoo and gel, and will understand why dark clothes and light clothes should be washed separately. Teach your kids about Mom and Dad's daily routine in the house or let them investigate on their own with this fun game that introduces them to a new world of responsibility.